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Getting out and about is becoming more important. And in the past nothing is more restricting than a Wheelchair. We can change that.

Our range of products is based on customer need so are built specifically for them. Not out of the box from the far east and then try and make it fit. We cover 99% of needs, from our little Wee-Jimmy, a small indoor/ limited outdoor chair that will take you round home and garden but also has the ability to rise up to the cupboards and still move around. Then there is the Sprint 6, an outdoor/limited indoor that will take you most places outside and still rise up to buy your round at the bar. When it comes to the countryside, our NEW Ranger 224 models are 4 wheel drive and will take you anywhere regardless of conditions. Mud, Snow, Beach and the roughest gravel you can imagine.When you get back, it takes just 60 secs to replace the front axle with castors and you have an every day chair. Finally, we have the Maximus which is designed with the heavier members of the community in mind. Maximus can carry up to 60 stones (320 kgs) and is nimble and capable of following our Sprint 6 anywhere.

Hire a Ranger 224 and enjoy the Chase

Access to the Cannock Chase is available when you hire one of our Ranger chairs. The whole chase is accessible with our Ranger 224.

The Ranger is joystick controlled for simplicity and is fitted with attendant control on the rear. The 4 powerful motors will handle the steepest hills and control your descent coming back. The sports seat keeps you located and comfortable on the most uneven of surfaces and a trailer is available to carry your picnic or medical equipment. This is probably the easiest of chairs to control and will make you a day to remember.

Our Sprint 6 has taken Claire up Houghmond Hill near. Shrewsbury for the day


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